Custom designed solutions to increase efficiency and productivity.

Key Benefits

  • Fast development and deployment
  • PC and Macintosh simultaneous usability
  • Scalable through custom web interface


    Business Analysis
    • We work closely with you to determine your needs and propose solutions.
    Problem Solving
    • Our problem solving abilities are our strongest capability.
    Software Tools
    • FileMaker Pro
    • Lasso programming
    • Microsoft Access
    • Oracle
    • We provide ongoing support to maintain all the solutions we develop to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

Reference Accounts

    Living Art Centre, Mississauga
    • Developed FileMaker Pro database to track community, summer and workshop courses, registrants,  fees, and contact information.
    Canada Basketball
    • Designed Microsoft Access database to hold player, coach, official and sponsor, contact and related information.
    • Implemented front-end and back-end modules to ensure database stability, multi-usability and backup.
    Nortel Networks
    • Web-enabled FileMaker Pro database using Lasso programming and ASP.
    • Enabled the E-Commerce Solutions Management team, 70+ people, located throughout North America and the United Kingdom, to search, update and add records to the database.
    • Enabled the Nortel executive team to search all ongoing projects through the web interface.
    • Enhanced the database to record costs associated with each project, create invoices for internal clients, and automate the creation of monthly reports for the finance department.
    RobertGordon and Associates
    • Designed and developed a financial module for a FileMaker Pro database for a private school.
    • Reduced the time needed to produce yearly tax receipts from two weeks to one hour.
    • Migrated legacy financial information into the new database.
    • Enhanced existing school database including web access by teachers.
    • Solved difficult user problems in use of the database.
    Canada Tire
    • Designed Microsoft Access database for searching tire sizes through web interface
Database Design