MaxBiz Solutions

Our Mission

We specialize in strategic analysis of business systems and processes. We recommend, design, develop and implement procedures, software applications and computer hardware to reduce redundancy, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.

We are developers of custom information systems in FileMaker Pro and SQL databases which utilize FileMaker Pro client on Mac and Windows, FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad and web browsers to access a business information system database back-end, enabling multiple users throughout an organization to input, share and update a single database. These solutions can be integrated into your existing systems including web servers, email servers, and fax servers.

In today's business climate, critical decisions require immediate access to business information. By leveraging your current investment in your corporate data, we can design and implement information management solutions to increase your return on investment (ROI).

Ask us about FileMaker database conversion and upgrade to the current version of FileMaker Pro.


  • Database Development
    • FileMaker Pro Client, FileMaker Go, Server
    • MySQL
    • Microsoft Access
    • SQL
    • Oracle
  • Web Development
    • FileMaker Database and Web Hosting
    • Lasso Web Hosting
    • Apache / PHP Web Hosting
    • HTML
    • JavaScript
    • Lasso
    • PHP

Contact Information

President: Stuart Moscoe
Telephone: 647-499-4975
Serving the Greater Toronto, Canada Area

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